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New Mount City Breakers release ‘Together (This Is The Place)’ featuring Tony Walsh.

Thousands of Mancunians who attended the vigil for the victims of the Manchester bombing roared their approval at the reading of a poem that paid a uniquely Mancunian tribute to the city. Tony Walsh’s ‘This Is The Place’ provided ‘a voice of defiance’ and articulated a sense of ‘Manc pride and self-belief’ according to Andy Burnham, Mayor of Manchester and Liam Gallagher wanted it on record that’s it’s the best thing he’s “ever heard to come out of any Mancunian’s mouth ever.

And today it is released worldwide as a classic Hacienda mix courtesy of Manchester’s dance music production team New Mount City Breakers.

All profits from the sales of the record will be donated to We Love Manchester Emergency Fund, Forever Manchester and the Mayor of Greater Manchester Homelessness Fund

Tony Walsh said: ‘On reflection it’s hardly surprising that there was an influx of requests to put my poem to music after the vigil. Manchester is the dance capital of England after all. I felt this version though was true to the classic Manchester sound, adding a new angle without detracting from the words and giving the next generation of young people an anthem to make them proud. We’re also trying to support the city’s future vision as well as helping with donations to help support people with the devastating effects of the bomb.’ Tony Walsh

New Mount City Breakers’ iconic and rare outings feature Busta Rhymes and DJ Skribble as well as Salt N Pepa’s ‘Giddy Up’ last released in 1999. It's not until now that there has been a collaboration rare enough and special enough to revisit the production house.

‘Feeling as helpless as everyone else in the wake of the Manchester bomb’, said producer Lee Stanley, ‘I just felt the urge to mix the Hacienda classic sound with the poetry of Manchester, set to the heartbeat of the City.’

This original classic delivers all of the drive and energy needed to capture the urgency of the moment whilst retaining some familiar sounds and production touches, reminiscing about the past whilst forging forward to inspire a new generation of Manchester club goers for the future.

NMCB were originally based out of a Manchester’s first creative business space - 23 New Mount Street in 1996 when the first Manchester bomb, claimed by the IRA, decimated the city. The force of the blast crashed the windows of the building where Silk Studios, New Mount City Breakers’ recording studios were based.

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